Start Strong launched the Real Love Real Talk podcast in February 2021, in tandem with annual Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This podcast creates a space for critical conversations about teen relationships, covering topics from consent and communication to the impact of media and systems of oppression and intersectionality.

The podcast is facilitated by dedicated, seasoned Start Strong alumni. In each episode you can expect two complementary conversations. First, current Start Strong Peer Leaders share their experiences with a Start Strong tool and reflect on their salient takeaways. In the second portion of the episode, staff respond and react to the Peer Leaders’ rich discussions and share the essential prevention, promotion, and media literacy elements of the tools being discussed.

The pilot season includes four feature episodes centered on the following tools and a wrap-up episode: 

  1. Healthy Relationships Quiz

  2. Sound Nutrition Label 

  3. True View

  4. Types of Relationships

  5. The Wrap Up

We look forward to bringing you Real Love Real Talk for many more seasons ahead.

You can find the Real Love Real Talk podcast on Apple Podcasts and on Spotify - or listen below!

Episode 0: Intro to Start Strong and Real Love Real Talk

Welcome to the Real Love Real Talk podcast! In this sneak-peek, we introduce our program and a little bit of what to expect in our pilot season. You'll also meet our hosts, Janae and Khu, and some of the Start Strong team. 

Episode 1: The Healthy Relationship Quiz

It's Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and we’re kicking off the first episode of Real Love Real Talk by talking about Start Strong's Healthy Relationship Quiz. Facilitated by Start Strong alumni, three current Peer Leaders (Malaika, Scania, & Tatiana) talk about their experiences with and reflections on the quiz and staff follow-up with unpacking a little more on the goals of this tool and the importance and challenges of promoting healthy relationships. 

Download the Healthy Relationship Quiz here and try it yourself!