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Tools From Our Curricula

Healthy Relationships Tools

Relationships Quiz

Skills Infographic

Communication Activity

Types of Relationships Activity

Healthy Relationships Quiz

Each relationship is unique, but all healthy relationships have a few things in common. In a healthy relationship there should be trust, support, respect, equality, and it should be fun.

Take the quiz and explore healthy characteristics within your relationship!


Healthy Communication Skills: Infographic

In this infographic, learn about healthy communication skills, including how to:

  • Ask Questions
  • Reflectively Listen
  • Empathize

Healthy Communication Activity

In this activity, you can practice the healthy communication skills presented in the infographic, including reflective listening, empathizing, and asking questions.

This activity uses pairs of participants to discuss health communication.


Types of Relationships Activity

Young people have all types of relationships throughout the course of their young adult years. This activity is to explore norms around these relationships based off the labels that society places upon them. It is important to note that no matter where the relationships fall on the spectrum of “formal” to “informal,” the goal of this activity is to have young people analyze the values that society places on a relationship’s label and examine boundary-setting, communication, and consent.

Related Tools

From Our Curricula

If you are interested in using our activities in your program, you can contact us or email us at startstrongbphc@gmail.com.

Violence Prevention

These tools offer insight into warning signs in a relationship, such as the wave of abuse, and activities to identify unhealthy behavior.

Media Literacy

Since media can have an influence on our health and the health of relationships, it is especially important be a critical viewer.