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Abuse Hotline: (877) 785-2020

Tools From Our Curricula

Violence Prevention Tools

Warning Signs

Wave of Abuse

Wave of Abuse Mad Lib

Warning Signs Activity

All relationships deserve respect, trust, support, and healthy communication. If you notice a pattern of these behaviors developing, talk to a trusted adult or consider calling Safelink, an anonymous, free, listening ear at 1-877-785-2020.

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The Wave of Abuse

This informational tool shows warning signs and common themes in an unhealthy relationship, including:

  • The Incident
  • Hearts & Flowers
  • Same Old Stuff (SOS)
  • Eggshell Stage
  • Another Incident

Wave of Abuse: Mad Lib

Let’s learn about the wave of abuse! To help us visually understand how abuse happens in a relationship we use something called the “wave of abuse”.

In this activity, you will complete a mad lib to illustrate patterns in the wave of abuse.

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From Our Curricula

If you are interested in using our activities in your program, you can contact us or email us at startstrongbphc@gmail.com.

Healthy Relationships

Each relationship is unique, but all healthy relationships have a things in common like trust, support, respect, and equality.

Media Literacy

Since media can have an influence on our health and the health of relationships, it is especially important be a critical viewer.